Dissertation advice for different disciplines

Subject Special Thesis Master's Thesis PhD Thesis Acceptance of Internal and External Papers Soft Simulation Fazar Soft Book and Specialized Journal

##### Engineering Degrees #####

مک Mechatronics Engineering (all trends)

مک Mechanical Engineering (All Trends)

برق Electrical Engineering (All Trends)

پزشکی Medical Engineering (All Trends)

ر Robotics Engineering

ش Glass Engineering (all trends)

ش Chemical Engineering (All Trends)

عم Civil Engineering (All Trends)

کامپیوتر Computer Engineering (All Trends)

صن Industrial Engineering (All Trends)

مع Mining Engineering (All Trends)

رو Hydrology Engineering (All Trends)

نس Textile Engineering (all trends)

نفت Petroleum Engineering (All Trends)

هوا Aerospace Engineering (all trends)

مواد Material Engineering

Optics and Laser Engineering

انرژی Energy Engineering

محیط Environmental Engineering

خودرو Car mechanics

##### Arts and Humanities #####

Persian Language and Literature

Department of Persian Language and Literature

Arabic Language and Literature

Department of Arabic Language and Literature

Arabic language translation field

Literature and Arabic Language

Theology and Islamic Studies

Department of Islamic Theology

Department of Religious Science

Undergraduate degree in ideological and political coaching

Associate of Quranic Teacher Training

Quranic sciences

Department of Islamic Sciences


Islamic Studies and Guidance

Department of Islamic Education and Law

Department of Religious Sciences and Islamic Studies

Course of Science of Quran and Hadith

Department of Islamic Studies and Political Science

Department of Islamic Studies and Theology



Jurisprudence and Islamic Law

Jurisprudence and Hanafi Law

Jurisprudence and Imami Law

Jurisprudence and Shafi'i Law

Bachelor of Jurisprudence

Associate Degree in Legal and Consular Affairs

Courts of the Police Police

Department of Islamic Wisdom and Philosophy


Social Sciences

Department of Social Sciences

Department of Social Communication Sciences

Social Work

The field of journalism

Department of Economics

Industrial Economics

The field of transport economy

Accounting Course

Associate degree in Finance and Taxation

Department of Customs Affairs



Printing industry

course management

Public Administration

Department of Tourism Management

Department of Customs Administration

Department of Travel and Tourism Management

industrial management field

Insurance Management

Associate of Insurance Affairs

Eco Insurance Management

Department of Administrative Services

Banking Management

Management and Marine Commissioner

Marine Management and Commerce

Artistic and Cultural Management

Undergraduate degree in journalism

Associate Degree in Office Affairs

BA Production Sima

Banking Management

Political Science

Political Relations

Political Science (National Security)

Associate Degree in Civil Operations

Military Intelligence

Forensic Science

Information field and counter information

Political Geography


Date string


Ready string


Science Education


Family Studies


Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences


Graphic string

Museums guide

Museum major

Sima Production Field

Industrial Design

Display string




Iranian musician

Universal string instrument

Crafts field

Sculpture field

Bachelor of Carpet

Visual Arts

Print field

String Design

##### Experimental Fields #####


Medical field


Department of Veterinary Medicine

Environmental Health Engineering

Field of study

Optometry field





Operating Room String

Speech Therapy

The field of audiology

Nutrition field

Artificial Strings and Accessories

Radiology Technology (Radiology)

The field of radiotherapy technology

Dentistry Nursing

Occupational Health

Technical teacher of health

Laboratory Sciences

Fitness and Physics

Field of medical records

Department of Dental Prosthesis Technician

Veterinary Associate Degree

Public Health (All Trends)

Department of Oral Hygiene

Biology (All Trends)

Psychology (clinical course)

Food Science and Technology

Technical teacher of health


Department of General Biology

Department of Biology

Management and Marine Commissioner

Continuing PhD in Biotechnology

Associate of Medical Emergencies


Department of Chemistry

Chemistry (pure and practical)

Associate Degree in Chemistry (AD Defense Wars)

Ship navigation and command

Associate of Applied Chemistry


Department of Geology

Aviation field

Air navigation field

Aviation field

Pilot Course

Accounting Course

Management field (all trends)

Artistic Cultural Management

Maritime Business Management

Economics (All Trends)

Department of Islamic Studies and Political Science

Theology and Islamic Studies (All Trends)

Islamic Studies and Management (all trends)

BSc in Banking Management

Insurance Management

Department of Customs Affairs

Department of Customs Affairs

Associate of Accounting Affairs

Theoretical Economics


The field of transport economy

Department of Economics

Industrial Economics

Bachelor of Accounting

Department of Islamic Education and Law

Department of Islamic Theology and Guidance

Discipline of Islamic Studies (Jurisprudence and Principles - Islamic Philosophy)

Hadith Science

Literature and Arabic Language

mathematics field


Associate of Insurance Affairs

Accounting Associate Degree

Business Management Associate Degree

Associate of Science in Applied Woodworking

Military Intelligence

Aviation Science and Technology