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The following is a list of theses of electrical engineering, project and apprenticeship report. Some theses are free to download and others require a fee and can be downloaded upon payment.

Power theses related to all major electrical engineering fields including control, electronics, power and telecommunications are included in this section. Some of theses topics are: solar cell construction, video coding, design of protective circuits, optical voltage transformers, high voltage posts, etc.

To find out more about each file, you can click on the "Download More and Download" link in the file and see the information you need about your thesis, project or internship report.

You can also use the file search tool to find the project. In the Bank of Translated Articles of Electrical Engineering you can also see the English articles of Electrical Engineering which have been translated into Farsi.

Electrical engineering has four general trends in power, control, telecommunications and electronics.

Do Power Thesis

Power engineering is one of the most fundamental areas of electrical engineering related to the production, transmission and distribution of electrical energy. The main purpose of power engineering is to design and build the systems needed to facilitate the production, transmission and distribution of electricity. This tendency in electrical engineering covers three main areas of distribution systems, electric and high pressure machines and power electronics.

Perform electrical control thesis

Control engineering is another of the major trends in electrical engineering whose main purpose is to analyze and evaluate various systems, their control methods and to provide a favorable response to that system. Because it is responsible for controlling the physical systems according to the type of input. The control engineering trend encompasses two major areas of robotics and mechatronics.

Doing Telecommunication Thesis

This is the tendency of electrical engineering to send and receive messages between two sources of transmitter and receiver whose main purpose is to provide easy and optimal communication between two points. The most important areas of telecommunications engineering are field and system.

Completion of Electronic Thesis

Electronic Engineering is one of the most widely used areas of electrical engineering whose main purpose is to design a wide range of equipment and equipment in terms of their complexity and subsequently design and manufacture electronic systems and equipment using these equipment. This field of electrical engineering comprises three parts: analog, digital and equipment.

Applications for electrical dissertation

MATLAB Software for Electrical Dissertation: Desirable software for programming and computing in all branches of electrical engineering.

PSCAD Software for Electrical Theses: Schematic software that is of interest to electrical engineers, especially power electronics professionals.

EMTP Software for Electrical Theses: A schematic software that has many applications in electrical engineering, especially for analyzing power system modes.

Comsol Software for Electrical Dissertation: This software is one of the most widely used software for finite element analysis that covers the areas of design of electric machines, transmission lines, transformers, high pressure superconducting devices.

Maxwell Software for Electrical Theses: This software also has many applications in the field of finite element and especially in electrical power engineering for the design and analysis of high voltage systems and transmission.

Psim software for electrical dissertation: This software is very popular due to its simple environment and its high performance especially in the field of power electronics.

Gamz Software for Power Thesis: One of the most used optimization software is Gamz software which covers various fields of science, most of which are in electrical engineering related to distribution systems and electricity market.

Digsilent Software for Electrical Theses: This software is also one of the most widely used electrical engineering software that is mainly used in power systems and power systems protection.

Pspice software for electrical dissertation: It is a schematic software that has a wide range of analog and digital elements, many applications for the design of electronic circuits and systems.

Hspice software for electrical dissertation: This software is also used for the design of analog and digital systems where system implementation is done with coding which is more difficult to work with than Pspice.

ADS Software for Electrical Theses: It is one of the most used telecommunication software for designing satellites, antennas and waveguides.

Proteus software for electrical dissertation: This software is also widely used in the field of electronic engineering, which is used for designing electronic circuits, especially in the field of robotics and microcontroller programming.

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